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BeeTheBest is a party game, currently in development, where you play as a bee and will need to become the Queen's favourite by collecting pollen for her against the clock, facing the environment and the other players.

A multiplayer experience that allows the users to learn about all the most unknown astounding details of the bees while having fun competing with each other in a quiz.

With this game, we intend to raise awareness of the critical situation in which the bees find themselves, and how can we contribute with little (or big) changes to make it better.

Pre-Alpha OUT!

We want to hear your opinion!

We have released a pre-alpha version to get feedback from the community. You can play it either in Windows, Mac or Linux.

We recommend you to play it with a 16:9 Aspect Ratio screen while we are working on integrating different values.

Let us know your feedback in our Community Page Topics so we can keep improving the game and make of it the best bee game!

We invite you to join our Discord channel too to become part of our hive :)

Development log


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